Engineer Certificate (or Transfer Certificate)

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Engineer Certificate (or Transfer Certificate)


(not inc. VAT)

It concerns the issuance of an engineer certificate necessary for notarial deeds. The service is provided within the limits of the region of Epirus. Its publication is done electronically through the electronic platform “”.


The cost of the above service includes:
  • Electronic, postal or live receipt of the required supporting documents
  • Autopsy of the plot to be transferred
  • Issuance of an Engineer Certificate on the non-existence of arbitrariness exclusively for unstructured plots
  • Electronic sending (via e-mail) of the transfer certificates and integrated affiliation as they are issued by the system as well as the corresponding service document


The cost of the above service does not include:
  • Issuance of an Engineer certificate for any other case except that of the unstructured plot as well as services related to legalization / settlement of real estate.

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