Request for review of pre-posted cadastral data

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Request for review of pre-posted cadastral data


(not inc. VAT)

It concerns the preparation and submission of an application for the review of pre-posting data of cadastral data to the competent cadastral office in printed or electronic form. The service is provided throughout Greece in areas where the process is within the stipulated deadline.


The cost of the above service includes:
  • Electronic, postal or live receipt of the required supporting documents
  • Submission of a review application in printed form (live visit at the competent cadastral office) or in electronic form (via e-mail) per right (as notified to the respective owner)
  • Electronic sending (via e-mail) of the receipts for the submission of the declaration (protocol number if provided by the cadastral office) as well as of the respective service document
The cost of the above service does not include:
  • Drafting of a topographic diagram or the creation of an orthophoto map of the national cadastre which are provided as a service after consultation with the respective owner and their cost varies depending on their location, area and method of production.

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